Sea Of Rodash

Stretching for hundreds of miles between Taelmoor and Rodash, the Sea of Rodash is nevertheless the most heavily-trafficked area of ocean in all of Verden. Trade winds run most of the year in a clockwise direction that sweep from The Tear in Vale east across the continent, past Ekwan and Erkwan, then south all the way to the eastern edge of Rodash. There, it turns west to pass Sailor's Rest and Kerope, until finally it returns north up to where it started.

While the reliable nature of the winds allow many a ship to pass through, it is obviously a roundabout voyage when one has a direct destination. As such, many ships avoid the trade winds altogether and seek to tack through them to save time... but there they are at the mercy of the pirates of Kerope, for those waters are significantly less patrolled by the Mariners of Vale.