Rodash is one of two major continents on Verden, to the south of Taelmoor. It is the birthplace of humanity, and was once home to the most powerful magics in the world. However, 3000 years ago, a calamity happened in the ancient city of Su'Agat, and it turned half the continent into the Glass Desert.

The parts of Rodash that didn't become a water-lacking desert became a magic-lacking desert - any attempts at sorcery in Rodash are extremely weak. However, over the centuries, they have been getting stronger as the continent heals itself.

Rodash's two major cities, Elohassi and Shalabash, have been locked in an eternal war for as long as records show. Depending on the year, this war might be simple rivalry and posturing, whereas at other times it can lead to full-fledged battle. Currently, it is a time of relative peace between the two powers

Rodash's other cities are: Sailor's Rest, Hollowtop Village, Dry Harbor, Holy Vess, and Holy Gald.