"Knowledge Is The Key"

This was the guild of magic, scholars, and strange happenings. The name of the guild means "Ones of Fire" in the dragon tongue. Every genius of the last millennium was a Melokai, and they were ruled the best of them. Not only were they responsible for inventing many of the magical spells in Verden, they also pushed worldwide technological achievements for centuries. However, 50 years ago in the year 1040, the Desolation happened - it was a massive magical explosion that destroyed most of the Melokai and their district. After the event, the Melokai and magic itself were outlawed, and have been persecuted since. Some remaining Melokai fled, some live in hiding, and some took on new identities.

Founded By: Morkei the Uncanny, a sorcerer of incredible power and student of The College when it joined ancient Vale.
Governed By: Those deemed the most powerful in magic or most inventive. They formed a very loose council but didn't necessarily agree or succeed in controlling each other or their subordinates. Often feuded internally.
Traits: Selfish, erratic, opulent, intelligent, inventive, liberal, disorganized, insular, secretive
Banner: Zeale's symbol wreathed in flame: a circle with a hexagon within it inside of flames
Friends: None
Enemies: Stoutsmen