Lucents are the mythological empowered species of Silene, the Greater Goddess of Cosmos. When a star descends to Verden from the heavens, it transforms into a lucent. Whether this is some sort of reaction to the world itself or a subconscious decision by the lucents is unknown, as every lucent throughout history seems to have no memory of being in the heavens - they simply know that's what they were, and that they will return.

The moment a lucent hits the earth, it turns into an overwhelmingly beautiful and glowing humanoid full of strange power.

Physically, a lucent appears much the same as a tall human - their face, hair, skin tone, body type, and musculature are just as varied as any human. The only thing they have in common is an arresting beauty and otherworldliness.

They seem to glow perpetually, although they are able to change the brightness at will - from fully dimmed to blindingly bright. This is part of their form of magic, which has no name, but seems able to manipulate light.

Although lucents are immortal, every single one throughout history has eventually returned to the sky... or so they say. The time this takes has been as short as 2 years and as long as 200.


Lucents pepper history and are known to interbreed with humans. Although their children don't seem to inherit much of the cosmic power of their lucent parent, they are often strikingly beautiful and lucky. Because of this, rulers throughout the centuries have sought lucent partners, and especially attractive people are suspected of having lucent heritage.

For their part, the lucents of history seem fairly detached from the affairs of humans, choosing their partners for unclear reasons and never staying around to parent their young.

There are two known lucents walking Verden today - one, named Sidra, lives in Elohassi, and the other, named Hoku, was last seen entering the Wintry Wastes in northern Taelmoor.