I suspect you know very well what a human is, as you are more than likely to be a human yourself. If I am lucky enough to count an elf or a dwarf amongst my readership, then hello! It is a pleasure to have you!

Humans originated on the continent of Rodash, and are Zeale's empowered species. Unfortunately, much of ancient human history was lost during the cataclysm that destroyed Su'Agat, the greatest human civilization in history. Some pieces remain, however, and I have pieced them together to tell a wide view of our history as a species.

Humans are highly intelligent, industrious, and determined. They tend to walk on a razor's edge between war and civilization, but nonetheless have been able to thrive over time. Unlike every other empowered species, humans are mortal, living lifespans not much longer than that of beasts. This is, apparently, because Zeale's opposite is Garruth - humans are not creatures of life.

Compared to the other empowered species, humans tend to be weaker or less powerful, but far more numerous. The few with sorcerous power tend to be far more powerful than most other empowered species, but especially nowadays, those humans are extremely rare.


The Beginning
Our ancestors were vine-swinging apes that lived in the arboreal forests of ancient Rodash (alas, nothing but desert remains of this mythical seat of civilization). Delighted by their ingenuity and cunning, Zeale chose these creatures to wield her blessing, and thus the first humans were born.

Early humans are said to have all been sorcerers, without fail, as they were all empowered by Zeale herself (who is, of course, the source of all sorcery). Thus, our ancestors had no trouble subjugating the land and creating a vast civilization in central Rodash.

Dilution of The Gift
Whether it was Zeale's will or not, she had chosen creatures that reproduced incredibly quickly. As such, her power began to dilute across more and more humans. Eventually, each person was only able to perform paltry tricks, and the power to access the arcane was all but lost. As a result, human civilization began to crumble - the wilds took over again.

Rather than let this happen to her chosen people, Zeale had a plan: she would give her power to only a small chosen few. This would allow humans to reproduce as rapidly as they wished, but they could always be led by those with Zeale's Gift. Thus, the first divide between normal humans and sorcerers was born.

Ancient Su'Agat
Over many centuries or millennia, it is hard to say exactly how long, human civilization slowly coalesced into a single massive nation called Su'Agat. Those with Zeale's Gift were its rulers, and those without were little more than slaves. Although it is still unknown as to how the cataclysm happened that destroyed Su'Agat, many speculate that it was Zeale's wrath for twisting her gift to enslave the rest of her people.

Either way, Su'Agat was destroyed and most of humanity along with it.

Migration to Taelmoor
While some humans stayed in Rodash and eventually went to form cities in Elohassi, Shalabash, Hollowtop Village, and Sailor's Rest, the majority of those who remained migrated to the continent of Taelmoor. What used to be inhabited by elves and dwarves who jealously kept humanity out, it was now found to be completely empty.

Humanity soon spread, and thrived to what we know today. With the slow return of the dwarves and the elves, we have learned, for the most part, how to share Taelmoor, but we have no plans to leave our home.