God of Freedom, Unfettering, and Openings
Symbol: An unlockable lock
Worshipers: The Holy Acceptant
Saintly Markers: Clothes that refuse to stay fastened, buttoned, or buckled, an inability to lie or withhold information, being able to pass through doors, windows, and other closed obstacles
Common Areas of Influence: Law, thievery, opportunity
Traits: Honest, open, oversharing, absolute

To Nahk, nothing should ever be closed or locked and nothing should ever be confined as such. They have a violent opposition to slavery, prisons, unjust law, and other forms of restraints. To many this sounds wholly noble and good - however those who think deeply about this will realize that an absolute view of such matters can be just as damaging. For example, in Nahk had their way, no door would ever have a lock on it. If that happened, how would you protect yourself or your belongings? And without prisons, what would our society do with trouble-makers? Must they all be executed? Nahk cares not for this subtleties, and pushes only for openings and freedom.

This view, of course, leads to an interesting mix of those who love Nahk and their views. On one side, there are those who prioritize civil liberties, collective ownership, and rehabilitation of criminals rather than imprisonment. On the other side, those anarchists of the Eboncloaks prefer nothing to be locked so that they can steal it. Indeed, many an Eboncloak thief is also a priest of Nahk, and pray to them to open doors that they cannot pick themselves.

Regardless of where one lies on the spectrum, most can agree that Nahk's values are admirable but must be closely considered before being applied.